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From the honky-tonks of Austin and Atlanta’s City Winery, to her Nashville debut on CMT’s CONCERT FOR LOVE & ACCEPTANCE, you’d be hard-pressed to find a recording artist that makes you feel more like a front seat passenger on their musical journey than Jada Cato.  If her current arsenal of original songs like “Strange Times”, written with Sammi Smith’s son, Waylon Payne, is any indication of where her music is about to take you … buckle up!  Jada’s musical offerings are driving full steam ahead with an intimate glance in the rearview mirror of the artist and the person, while they clearly map out where both are headed. Jada is the recent recipient of GLAAD’s National Rising Star Grant, and with that recognition, and her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre securely in the glovebox, Jada is hitting the road with her emotional lyrics, keen storytelling skills, and powerhouse vocals… all the while having one hell of a good time!


Jada’s latest song writing ventures are all pit stops on a musical map of self-discovery that’s well worth the trip. There’s a lifetime of truth in her songs and Jada believes now more than ever that people are moved by music with a purpose.  “Heartbreak Down The Middle” speaks to the kind of love revelation that scares us all, while “Shooting Stars” is a combination of fun rowdy melodies and engaging lyrics that’s simply one of those perfect, roll down the windows and drive, country songs!

Jada hails from Georgia but makes her home in Birmingham, Alabama. “I really enjoy life in Birmingham,” says Jada, “I know this town like the back of my hand having recently graduated from Birmingham Southern College. I’m the praise leader at my church, and it’s the perfect place for an up-and-coming artist like myself. I’m two hours from Nashville, two hours from Atlanta and…” Jada admits, “depending on how fast I drive, just a few hours from the beach, where I find a lot of my songwriting inspiration!”

Whether you experience Jada’s musical journey as an armchair traveler from your favorite streaming device, or from the front row of a Jada Cato concert, you’re guaranteed an exciting trip!  With her movie star looks, sweet southern charm, and velvety voice, Jada’s musical road may never run out!

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